going VIP for your favorite band? 

I think the header alone could spark heated discussions and I admit, I’m one of those that is not really a big fan of VIP upgrades but… I’ve sat down and thought about why it might be a good thing, though.

I personally am a big fan of meeting my bands, always have been always will and to make something clear from the beginning: it’s not stalking or being a groupie, it’s just being a fan of music who is happy to get to say hi and maybe thank you to the artists that create that music. And we all know music is a huge part of life and I’m sure there’s one or two songs in your life also that mean a bit more to you than other songs. So getting to say what those songs mean to you, maybe just say thank you for an amazing show or telling them you’ve met other great people through them… that’s why -at least I- want to meet my artists. The happiness afterwards is just a bonus.

So there are a couple of ways now to actually meet them. 

Go to their shows (obviously you do not want to stalk them in their private life just chilling by the pool at a hotel or worse: at home), be lucky enough to cross paths with them while they’re unloading their stuff or walk around actually with the purpose of hanging out with the fans. Yes that also happens, happened to me a couple of times, it was awesome. 

Another option is to wait for them after the show. Sometimes when you’re lucky and it’s technically possible for the artists to show up, they’ll hang out for a little while to thank you for attending the show. 

But what if…. what if you’re actually not that lucky, they’re not hanging out pre or apres shows but you want to meet them so badly? 

Then there’s option 2, which I admit isn’t always the case: Meet and Greets.

Some artists like to hang out with fans, they’ll show up at their own merch booth or tell you to meet them at the bar after the show or they add a little meet and greet right when you purchase a ticket for example online. Other artists have a fanclub that allows members to attend a m&g. 

So, meet and greets that are chilled are great, I’ve experienced a couple of those, just hanging out with the artists, talking, bantering and of course taking some nice pictures as a memory. Sounds good, right? But what if your artist doesn’t offer meet and greets this way? Or you’re not lucky enough to get into the m&g because the number of people is limited? That obviously sucks. So what’s the next option?

That would be a paid VIP -experience. And here we are back to the original question, does it even make sense to go VIP for your favorite band/artist?

Well… that’s where the discussion starts. Artists that haven’t charged before are now charging fans to meet them? Is that still acceptable? Should you even consider it? Are they worth that amount of money? 

Those are questions you as you should ask yourself because in the end it’s actually up to you this time. You can decide to pay and to meet them or you can decide to not pay and maybe not meet them. 

Yes it sucks that artists that haven’t charged before, now want money in order for you to meet them. But here comes the thinking:

If you really, really want to meet your favorites wouldn’t it be a great offer to offer people to meet them? I mean there are a lot of people out there that never got lucky waiting for them, the more famous the artist the harder it actually is, but offering them a way to meet them ‘easily’ in my opinion is nice. Also it causes less anxiety to have control over it. It gives people that aren’t as lucky as others the chance to hang out with them, too. Okay, paying money for that still sucks but who knows, maybe for some people it’s worth that amount of money. I know I would pay to meet some people, I know I’ve already did and I can say that I didn’t regret that choice.

 Yes it is a lot of money sometimes but as long as you’re okay with spending it, I don’t see a reason why artists shouldn’t offer the upgrades, after all… it’s up to you. Yes of course they could offer free meet and greets but that would just quickly end up in chaos, the more famous…. you get my point, right? Free M&Gs is the dream but in real life it would be impossible to please everyone then as well because time and space and energy is limited and if you think about it, there are expenses that need to be covered, there might need to be security, maybe a professional photographer etc.

However, I’ve scrolled through Instagram and realized that there are a lot of people that purchased a VIP package for a recent concert who have never met their favorite artists before and are happy to finally had been given the chance and as long as they’re happy I don’t see any harm done. 

So… don’t judge people that do pay to ensure to meet their favorites, maybe that’s the only way to say hi and hug them. 

So yeah, going VIP is totally up to you and how much it’s worth to you but I personally  would do it again.



good charlotte- do they still have it – a concert review 

Hello everyone! I’ve just risen from the death and am ready to talk about last night’s concert which was the Good Charlotte Show in Stuttgart, Germany.

Now before I start, I should mention that this was the 13th time I’ve seen the guys in concert. So I’ve decided to split this review into three parts:

-How was the show for someone who’s never seen them live?

-How was the show for someone who’s seen them live before?

-How was the show for me personally

So! Let’s get right into it.

The show was sold out and they’ve already been to that venue before so had I and so coming back brought back a lot of good memories. Time to live up to those, right?

The support act was a band from Massachusetts called “Four Year Strong” and I advice to being ear plugs because those guys were loud. They were a great opening act – if you’re into that kind of music- but they did their job and warmed up the crowd; there’s been plenty of crowd surfers and mosh pits.

They’ve played for a good 40 minutes as they were the only opening act and after half an hour of prepping the stage for Good Charlotte, they’ve came on stage.

They started the show with their “loser anthem” “the anthem” and as someone in the audience you could immediately feel the energy both on stage and in the crowd. So much energy. The people around me were crazily dedicated – so was I- and sang and shouted every single word of the lyrics back to GC. And that made for a pretty good start and to be honest, that’s actually how the whole show went. The Fans knew every single word to every single song, the “not so fans” at least knew the lyrics to GC’s singles like “I just wanna live” or “lifestyles of the rich and famous”. So of course for someone who’s seen GC live, the set list wasn’t really a big surprise, all the well known songs had to be in there so everyone could feel included in the show- and I think they did.

I personally did miss my favorite song “movin on” but I was happy they’ve mixed their list up with very old songs like “little things” and topped it all with the first ever live play of “war” off of their newest record “youth authority”.

Considering it was the “youth authority tour” they’ve done a great job in playing a couple of songs off of that record such as “the outfield”, the crowds’ favorite, “life changes” or “makeshift love”. And it didn’t matter if new or old, every song was cherished and celebrated in the same way: by singing along, clapping, dancing and shouting the best parts back to the band. So much fun!

The crowd was pretty mental, there were fans dressed as food from the “I just wanna live” music video and a lot of other people that did crowd surfing but everyone in the crowd was dealing great with that, pointed to the person next to themselves whenever someone was about to climb over their head and everyone was just very caring and looked out for one another, that’s definitely something I want to point out here. Handing out water and passing it to a complete stranger, looking out for other people, that’s peace and the right attitude right there. Of course there had been some squeezing and ellbow action but all in all it was a very committed and caring crowd.

Good Charlotte also were very committed to the show, they’ve played so many songs  but in between they’ve talked to the crowd a lot and wrapped them around their fingers with their american charme and way of speaking german. What I think was really important to the crowd and well done by the guys was to tell them that they’ve had great memories and well just to make them feel appreciated and loved and not forgotten because: it’s been 6 years since they’ve been on that exact same stage.

They’ve played for a bit more than 1,5 hours but because the crowd was so intense, the band was so energetic and gave it 101% everyone was sweating it felt like more than that. And to be honest, I loved it, I loved that they kept going and going and I think I wasn’t the only one.

All in all the show was a complete success, as for me who has seen them before many of times, I would even go as far as to put this show into my top 3, it was just so extremely energetic and literally a happy place for me.

And I think for someone who has never seen Good Charlotte live, well they were in for a huge treat, it was a freaking rock show and I think they’ve enjoyed themselves and got the right impression of the band: that they are born to be on stage, have the perfect chemistry within the band and that they are an amazing rock band that still has it. And I agree to all of that.

The set list was well chosen, even though we had to accept some loses like “the chronicles of life and death” or as mentioned before “movin on”. They made up for that by playing “war” and some of my other favorite songs, though.

The interaction with the crowd was amazing, there’s been real eye contact during sing alongs, there’s been chatting to the crowd and also gratefulness in form of little speeches between songs, there’s nothing more that one could have asked for.

The crowd was super strong, I think there was only one person that had to be dragged out of the crowd due to the extreme situation that are crowd surfers and mosh pits but other than that I think everyone somehow managed to live in that hot, sweaty cloud of people. And just to mention it once, the security was very caring as well, they’ve tried to catch every crowd surfer to prevent injuries, they’ve gave out water and collected the front rows’ purses to that there was more space to dance and rock, cheers to that, it’s not always that way and made this experience even a bit extra amazing.

As you can probably tell, I am super happy with how the show turned out to be, very, very proud of Good Charlotte for still being the same amazing band and I would definitely and definitely recommend checking them out once they’re near you!



james arthur is back from the edge

This week I was lucky enough to go to the James Arthur concert in Cologne. The show has been sold out for a while so it was no surprise that the venue was super crowded. What pleased me was the variety of the audience. It ranged from young to old, male and female and what pleased me even more was that the crowd was super energetic, right from the very beginning, when australian Support Matt Gresham warmed them up.

Around 9PM Mister Arthur himself came on stage and opened the show with his banger “back from The edge”, which in my opinion was the perfect song to open with as it’s not only fitting with its intro but also with the beats and the energy the song carries. James’ voice was immediately on point and as the audience you knew then that you were in for good time.

The set list was well picked, there were a lot of powerful songs like “you’re nobody till somebody loves you” or “prisoner” but Arthur also got very personal and showed his emotional side with tracks like “train wreck”, which he introduced after admitting that he’s had a shit year and was in a bad place but is now back and happy.

“Safe inside” was personally one of my highlights, he dedicated the song to his sister and played it acoustically, which he didn’t do for a lot of his songs, so it definitely was one of the calmer performances but nonetheless lovely and sweet.

You get to learn a lot about James Arthur during the 2 hour show and that’s worth a lot. He’s interacted with his fans a lot as well, as he walked into the crowd and sang to them directly. He also played with the rest of the audience, mocked them and had some good old banter. All in all, he did everything right.

What’s there left to say is, that I do recommend a James Arthur concert when you want to have a good time, it’s super rock’n roll (although that’s not exactly what you’d expect from knowing songs like “impossible”) I mean they even did a very rockish cover of “rockabye” by Clean Bandit and he introduced that cover very charmingly and I loved it!
So yeah, it was a great concert, James Arthur is an amazingly talented artist and definitely not to pin down as only a pop-singer at all!

“you’re the loudest crowd ever!”

You might already know what this blog post is about after reading the oh so famous phrase, I’ve chosen as my title.
If not, let me help you: It’s a little essay about why or why not you should bother about artists saying stuff like “you’re the loudest crowd ever” or “this has been one of my favorite concerts ever”.

In fact, I used to get annoyed when artists say things like that, like not angry but just eye-rolling-annoyed. Because let’s be honest, they do say it at every show. But last night at the James Arthur concert a thought hit me and changed my view and I wanted to write it down to maybe change your view, too.
Obviously it’s not going to be the loudest crowd ever, especially when the artist is playing in a little local club but already has filled arenas before, so why on earth are they still saying that it is? And is it okay for them to say it? So here’s my take on that.

Of course they’re going to tell the crowd what the crowd wants to hear, after all they paid for the ticket, they want to get sugar coated the whole time. And there’s nothing wrong with that. For many, shows are a special occasion, some may take a holiday to be able to attend, some may even skip school or classes to be there and some actually for once leave the house. Big ups to that.

So there’s nothing wrong with artists praising their fans and their show; who knows, maybe the location is really amazing this time and definitely one for their books, maybe there’s one person in the crowd who managed to get the artist to laugh mid song like no one ever before, maybe there were fan projects – like paper hearts during an important song- that the artist has moved so much, maybe, maybe, maybe.

The reasons for the show and the crowd to be actually worth being called “best, loudest, most amazing” are endless. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the show has to be literally the “best, loudest, most amazing” show ever, but because of these little things I mentioned earlier, they get pretty close to it and that’s already worth a lot. But for an artist, it would just sound super crappy to tell the crowd “You’ve definitely managed to get into my top 100 of concerts.” That’s not what the audience wants to hear, so obviously that’s not what’s being said.

Furthermore, it really lifts some peoples’ spirits to hear praises like that. It may be the first concert ever for some people in the crowd, they don’t even think that the artist is saying stuff like that at every show and since they most probably won’t attend the same show again on that tour, they’re totally fine with being praised in just that moment, so why take that away from them? It’s much lovelier to see sparkles in their eyes and hear them cheer and be happy that they’ve been a great crowd than to see people roll their eyes or hear them say annoying things like “they say that at every show, yeah right.” #Partypooper
So what, let them say that at every show, they don’t particularly speak to you, they speak to those that want to live in that moment, those that want that moment to be the best moment ever for that very moment. See a parallel here?

So, to conclude: Yes it is alright for artists to tell the audience that they’ve been the loudest, best, most amazing crowd ever” but yes it it also okay to be annoyed about it. However, it is not okay to rain on other people’s parades by saying that it’s unnecessary to say stuff like that, to say that for the artist that show is just like every other show. It’s never okay to rain on people’s parades during concerts. They choose to be there, they choose to be carefree and to have a good time for the time being, so let them have a good time. After all, that’s what we all want, right? And if you still want to be annoyed about it, you choose to btw, do that in silent. 🙂



hello june…

I’ve  decided to start the months by writing down what to expect from it, my goals, events I’m looking forward to and so forth and since it’s a bank holiday today I’ve decided that it doesn’t count that it’s already the 5th of June.

I think kind of seeing what’s ahead of you gives you some sort of control and makes you feel less anxious about the future and that’s definitely what I want to achieve by writing out my month. If I were to actually use my paper calendar the way I wish to, I would plan the month out in advance but for now I just can’t be bothered… Definitely something I want to improve on in the close future.

This month isn’t as spectacular as it could be I guess, as I will mostly focus on not spending too much money because I have serious financial bills to take care of. I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to the end of that.

On the contrary of not spending too much money I do obviously have expenses I need to have in mind. As summer is fast approaching I am in need of a couple of summery clothes and shoes. It just doesn’t end well with all black, I think you know my struggle.

One thing that’s gonna happen literally tomorrow is a concert. I’ve purchased tickets for James Arthur and after the tickets got lost in my room I can now proudly say that I found them and that I am very much so stoked for the show. I gotta be honest here I don’t know too many songs but I cheated and created a playlist on Spotify with his setlist… I just don’t have enough time to get into as many records as I’d love to.


I also plan on writing a serious grocery list this month so I do not have to spend too much money but also have the options when it comes to food. As I work 3 to 4 days a week I definitely need a good amount of food that I can prep and take to work. I am too extra to eat out and if I’m totally honest, I am also way too lazy to hunt down quick restaurants.
And speaking of work, that’s what I want to do a lot of this month, it’s not super busy at work so I might get the opportunity to leave early or don’t come at all but as mentioned before I need money so I need to force myself to say “no” to any of these heavenly offers, ha.

Another thing I know already and am really excited for are a couple of movies I get to preview. They’ll fill some of my dull evenings so that’s a bonus.

There are also a couple of important dates coming like birthdays and partys but I haven’t thought a lot about that. So as for me, June is just going to be a summer month filled with university, work and trying to keep a full wallet so I can have a good start into July!

Oh. June is also a great month for a lot of different types of fruits so grab some strawberries and peaches and that really makes me super excited haha.

I hope you’re going to have a splendid June.


Ps: To give myself an extra push into this month I’ve did my spring/summer cleaning!




a little introduction

Hello there,

I try to keep it short here. My name’s Kessy and I am from Germany. I like German but as for the sake of international communication I prefer English. However, when I actually can’t be bothered to write a blog post in english or its more relevant in my mother tongue the post will be in German (That’s why I have a “deutsch” option in the menu section)

The most important thing one should ask when starting a blog is the purpose. As for me, it’s actually just a fun way to write about things that matter to me or that I enjoy. I definitely won’t get into stuff that I do not have a clue about… But yeah, I think my niche would be in writing or in reviews I guess… Writing because I want to really pursue the dream of writing and finishing  a book. To have it published is the dream but I think I’d already be super happy with a finished draft.

One of my other big passions is food. Yeah, like everyone. However, as a picky, picky eater food isn’t as much fun as I would wish for it to be, because of my stupid brain I have to leave out a lot of probably quite tasty, amazing food…
But, despite that, I love baking and cooking and talking about food. So I guess that’s also what you’ll find on here, recipes, food 101 and probably quite a bit about meal preparation and meal planning to save money. That is my main purpose with that, because I do eat quite unhealthy and trying to eat healthier by doing meal prep is nice, of course, but I don’t try too hard. Maybe I should, maybe I will?

Oh and I also have a big heart for random things, so yeah whenever a cat or an app or a funny meme appears, that’s also ehm… part of this blog, I think 🙂

So now I’ll stop and we’ll see where this blog journey will take us, right?




Ps. I think it’s nice to know the face of the author, so here’s a picture of me, feeling happy and photogenic before an All Time Low concert, haha. (unfiltered and actually unedited)


what’s in my purse?

This question has been around for a while, I know but I’ve just cleaned out all my purses and realized: I am carrying around a lot of things. Super random things like a tiny, tiny glas of Nutella. A couple of hand sanitizers but surprisingly not as many chapsticks as I thought I would.

However, I thought it would be interesting to see what things I did carry with me to get to know me a little better. Because after all people say, that the content of ones purse says a lot about that persons’ character and their interests. I do think that’s the case here.






(Yes, this was also kind of a test post, sorry)