hello june…

I’ve  decided to start the months by writing down what to expect from it, my goals, events I’m looking forward to and so forth and since it’s a bank holiday today I’ve decided that it doesn’t count that it’s already the 5th of June.

I think kind of seeing what’s ahead of you gives you some sort of control and makes you feel less anxious about the future and that’s definitely what I want to achieve by writing out my month. If I were to actually use my paper calendar the way I wish to, I would plan the month out in advance but for now I just can’t be bothered… Definitely something I want to improve on in the close future.

This month isn’t as spectacular as it could be I guess, as I will mostly focus on not spending too much money because I have serious financial bills to take care of. I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to the end of that.

On the contrary of not spending too much money I do obviously have expenses I need to have in mind. As summer is fast approaching I am in need of a couple of summery clothes and shoes. It just doesn’t end well with all black, I think you know my struggle.

One thing that’s gonna happen literally tomorrow is a concert. I’ve purchased tickets for James Arthur and after the tickets got lost in my room I can now proudly say that I found them and that I am very much so stoked for the show. I gotta be honest here I don’t know too many songs but I cheated and created a playlist on Spotify with his setlist… I just don’t have enough time to get into as many records as I’d love to.


I also plan on writing a serious grocery list this month so I do not have to spend too much money but also have the options when it comes to food. As I work 3 to 4 days a week I definitely need a good amount of food that I can prep and take to work. I am too extra to eat out and if I’m totally honest, I am also way too lazy to hunt down quick restaurants.
And speaking of work, that’s what I want to do a lot of this month, it’s not super busy at work so I might get the opportunity to leave early or don’t come at all but as mentioned before I need money so I need to force myself to say “no” to any of these heavenly offers, ha.

Another thing I know already and am really excited for are a couple of movies I get to preview. They’ll fill some of my dull evenings so that’s a bonus.

There are also a couple of important dates coming like birthdays and partys but I haven’t thought a lot about that. So as for me, June is just going to be a summer month filled with university, work and trying to keep a full wallet so I can have a good start into July!

Oh. June is also a great month for a lot of different types of fruits so grab some strawberries and peaches and that really makes me super excited haha.

I hope you’re going to have a splendid June.


Ps: To give myself an extra push into this month I’ve did my spring/summer cleaning!





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