james arthur is back from the edge

This week I was lucky enough to go to the James Arthur concert in Cologne. The show has been sold out for a while so it was no surprise that the venue was super crowded. What pleased me was the variety of the audience. It ranged from young to old, male and female and what pleased me even more was that the crowd was super energetic, right from the very beginning, when australian Support Matt Gresham warmed them up.

Around 9PM Mister Arthur himself came on stage and opened the show with his banger “back from The edge”, which in my opinion was the perfect song to open with as it’s not only fitting with its intro but also with the beats and the energy the song carries. James’ voice was immediately on point and as the audience you knew then that you were in for good time.

The set list was well picked, there were a lot of powerful songs like “you’re nobody till somebody loves you” or “prisoner” but Arthur also got very personal and showed his emotional side with tracks like “train wreck”, which he introduced after admitting that he’s had a shit year and was in a bad place but is now back and happy.

“Safe inside” was personally one of my highlights, he dedicated the song to his sister and played it acoustically, which he didn’t do for a lot of his songs, so it definitely was one of the calmer performances but nonetheless lovely and sweet.

You get to learn a lot about James Arthur during the 2 hour show and that’s worth a lot. He’s interacted with his fans a lot as well, as he walked into the crowd and sang to them directly. He also played with the rest of the audience, mocked them and had some good old banter. All in all, he did everything right.

What’s there left to say is, that I do recommend a James Arthur concert when you want to have a good time, it’s super rock’n roll (although that’s not exactly what you’d expect from knowing songs like “impossible”) I mean they even did a very rockish cover of “rockabye” by Clean Bandit and he introduced that cover very charmingly and I loved it!
So yeah, it was a great concert, James Arthur is an amazingly talented artist and definitely not to pin down as only a pop-singer at all!


2 thoughts on “james arthur is back from the edge”

  1. Lovely article on the amazing James Arthur I have followed him from day one and he just gets better and better as his confidence grows. He is the best singer I have ever seen live and I personally think he sounds better live, I know so many people that have gone to see him and have become totally hooked, once you see James live you just want to see him more and more. I’m so happy that things have finally turned around, James is a super talented humble guy and deserves his long awaited success.

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    1. Thanks so much! Yes I totally agree, I was like woah what genre is that actually and it was just so energetic and fun I do hope a lot of people get to see him live 🙂


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