“you’re the loudest crowd ever!”

You might already know what this blog post is about after reading the oh so famous phrase, I’ve chosen as my title.
If not, let me help you: It’s a little essay about why or why not you should bother about artists saying stuff like “you’re the loudest crowd ever” or “this has been one of my favorite concerts ever”.

In fact, I used to get annoyed when artists say things like that, like not angry but just eye-rolling-annoyed. Because let’s be honest, they do say it at every show. But last night at the James Arthur concert a thought hit me and changed my view and I wanted to write it down to maybe change your view, too.
Obviously it’s not going to be the loudest crowd ever, especially when the artist is playing in a little local club but already has filled arenas before, so why on earth are they still saying that it is? And is it okay for them to say it? So here’s my take on that.

Of course they’re going to tell the crowd what the crowd wants to hear, after all they paid for the ticket, they want to get sugar coated the whole time. And there’s nothing wrong with that. For many, shows are a special occasion, some may take a holiday to be able to attend, some may even skip school or classes to be there and some actually for once leave the house. Big ups to that.

So there’s nothing wrong with artists praising their fans and their show; who knows, maybe the location is really amazing this time and definitely one for their books, maybe there’s one person in the crowd who managed to get the artist to laugh mid song like no one ever before, maybe there were fan projects – like paper hearts during an important song- that the artist has moved so much, maybe, maybe, maybe.

The reasons for the show and the crowd to be actually worth being called “best, loudest, most amazing” are endless. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the show has to be literally the “best, loudest, most amazing” show ever, but because of these little things I mentioned earlier, they get pretty close to it and that’s already worth a lot. But for an artist, it would just sound super crappy to tell the crowd “You’ve definitely managed to get into my top 100 of concerts.” That’s not what the audience wants to hear, so obviously that’s not what’s being said.

Furthermore, it really lifts some peoples’ spirits to hear praises like that. It may be the first concert ever for some people in the crowd, they don’t even think that the artist is saying stuff like that at every show and since they most probably won’t attend the same show again on that tour, they’re totally fine with being praised in just that moment, so why take that away from them? It’s much lovelier to see sparkles in their eyes and hear them cheer and be happy that they’ve been a great crowd than to see people roll their eyes or hear them say annoying things like “they say that at every show, yeah right.” #Partypooper
So what, let them say that at every show, they don’t particularly speak to you, they speak to those that want to live in that moment, those that want that moment to be the best moment ever for that very moment. See a parallel here?

So, to conclude: Yes it is alright for artists to tell the audience that they’ve been the loudest, best, most amazing crowd ever” but yes it it also okay to be annoyed about it. However, it is not okay to rain on other people’s parades by saying that it’s unnecessary to say stuff like that, to say that for the artist that show is just like every other show. It’s never okay to rain on people’s parades during concerts. They choose to be there, they choose to be carefree and to have a good time for the time being, so let them have a good time. After all, that’s what we all want, right? And if you still want to be annoyed about it, you choose to btw, do that in silent. 🙂




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