going VIP for your favorite band? 

I think the header alone could spark heated discussions and I admit, I’m one of those that is not really a big fan of VIP upgrades but… I’ve sat down and thought about why it might be a good thing, though.

I personally am a big fan of meeting my bands, always have been always will and to make something clear from the beginning: it’s not stalking or being a groupie, it’s just being a fan of music who is happy to get to say hi and maybe thank you to the artists that create that music. And we all know music is a huge part of life and I’m sure there’s one or two songs in your life also that mean a bit more to you than other songs. So getting to say what those songs mean to you, maybe just say thank you for an amazing show or telling them you’ve met other great people through them… that’s why -at least I- want to meet my artists. The happiness afterwards is just a bonus.

So there are a couple of ways now to actually meet them. 

Go to their shows (obviously you do not want to stalk them in their private life just chilling by the pool at a hotel or worse: at home), be lucky enough to cross paths with them while they’re unloading their stuff or walk around actually with the purpose of hanging out with the fans. Yes that also happens, happened to me a couple of times, it was awesome. 

Another option is to wait for them after the show. Sometimes when you’re lucky and it’s technically possible for the artists to show up, they’ll hang out for a little while to thank you for attending the show. 

But what if…. what if you’re actually not that lucky, they’re not hanging out pre or apres shows but you want to meet them so badly? 

Then there’s option 2, which I admit isn’t always the case: Meet and Greets.

Some artists like to hang out with fans, they’ll show up at their own merch booth or tell you to meet them at the bar after the show or they add a little meet and greet right when you purchase a ticket for example online. Other artists have a fanclub that allows members to attend a m&g. 

So, meet and greets that are chilled are great, I’ve experienced a couple of those, just hanging out with the artists, talking, bantering and of course taking some nice pictures as a memory. Sounds good, right? But what if your artist doesn’t offer meet and greets this way? Or you’re not lucky enough to get into the m&g because the number of people is limited? That obviously sucks. So what’s the next option?

That would be a paid VIP -experience. And here we are back to the original question, does it even make sense to go VIP for your favorite band/artist?

Well… that’s where the discussion starts. Artists that haven’t charged before are now charging fans to meet them? Is that still acceptable? Should you even consider it? Are they worth that amount of money? 

Those are questions you as you should ask yourself because in the end it’s actually up to you this time. You can decide to pay and to meet them or you can decide to not pay and maybe not meet them. 

Yes it sucks that artists that haven’t charged before, now want money in order for you to meet them. But here comes the thinking:

If you really, really want to meet your favorites wouldn’t it be a great offer to offer people to meet them? I mean there are a lot of people out there that never got lucky waiting for them, the more famous the artist the harder it actually is, but offering them a way to meet them ‘easily’ in my opinion is nice. Also it causes less anxiety to have control over it. It gives people that aren’t as lucky as others the chance to hang out with them, too. Okay, paying money for that still sucks but who knows, maybe for some people it’s worth that amount of money. I know I would pay to meet some people, I know I’ve already did and I can say that I didn’t regret that choice.

 Yes it is a lot of money sometimes but as long as you’re okay with spending it, I don’t see a reason why artists shouldn’t offer the upgrades, after all… it’s up to you. Yes of course they could offer free meet and greets but that would just quickly end up in chaos, the more famous…. you get my point, right? Free M&Gs is the dream but in real life it would be impossible to please everyone then as well because time and space and energy is limited and if you think about it, there are expenses that need to be covered, there might need to be security, maybe a professional photographer etc.

However, I’ve scrolled through Instagram and realized that there are a lot of people that purchased a VIP package for a recent concert who have never met their favorite artists before and are happy to finally had been given the chance and as long as they’re happy I don’t see any harm done. 

So… don’t judge people that do pay to ensure to meet their favorites, maybe that’s the only way to say hi and hug them. 

So yeah, going VIP is totally up to you and how much it’s worth to you but I personally  would do it again.



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