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a little introduction

Hello there,

I try to keep it short here. My name’s Kessy and I am from Germany. I like German but as for the sake of international communication I prefer English. However, when I actually can’t be bothered to write a blog post in english or its more relevant in my mother tongue the post will be in German (That’s why I have a “deutsch” option in the menu section)

The most important thing one should ask when starting a blog is the purpose. As for me, it’s actually just a fun way to write about things that matter to me or that I enjoy. I definitely won’t get into stuff that I do not have a clue about… But yeah, I think my niche would be in writing or in reviews I guess… Writing because I want to really pursue the dream of writing and finishing  a book. To have it published is the dream but I think I’d already be super happy with a finished draft.

One of my other big passions is food. Yeah, like everyone. However, as a picky, picky eater food isn’t as much fun as I would wish for it to be, because of my stupid brain I have to leave out a lot of probably quite tasty, amazing food…
But, despite that, I love baking and cooking and talking about food. So I guess that’s also what you’ll find on here, recipes, food 101 and probably quite a bit about meal preparation and meal planning to save money. That is my main purpose with that, because I do eat quite unhealthy and trying to eat healthier by doing meal prep is nice, of course, but I don’t try too hard. Maybe I should, maybe I will?

Oh and I also have a big heart for random things, so yeah whenever a cat or an app or a funny meme appears, that’s also ehm… part of this blog, I think 🙂

So now I’ll stop and we’ll see where this blog journey will take us, right?




Ps. I think it’s nice to know the face of the author, so here’s a picture of me, feeling happy and photogenic before an All Time Low concert, haha. (unfiltered and actually unedited)