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about these new year resolutions…

Hello and welcome to 2018!
I gotta say, the last year flew by so quickly yet so much has happened and when looking at the whole picture, it has been one of the good years for me personally.

When I’m ready to fully put last year into the books (literally) I’ll write about that, too.

But for now I’m just here to write down some new years resolutions, some thoughts on them and the whole concept of fresh starts and without further ado I’ll start.

So… I’m not that type of person that always has the same resolutions because let’s be honest, if you’ve not reached those goals in the past, you pretty much won’t try hard to achieve them this year, so yeh.
I am more of a baby steps little things type of person, things that are actually easy to achieve so that I see improvement within weeks or even days- I think that’s much more motivating than not achieving goals that have been doomed the second you’ve written them down because they’re just too big of a goal to achieve in just a year. Also, you can’t forget that not everything always goes as planned.

For example, one of my goals was to become more comfortable with wearing make-up, particularly wearing and becoming good at that eyeliner-myth. I did wear it more often and now looking back, I’ve gotten quite confident in wearing whatever make-up I want to wear, and I don’t suck too much at applying eyeliner. That however didn’t mean that I’ve put on eyeliner every single day of the year, to be honest I probably haven’t worn eyeliner for the better half of the year. However, I did achieve that goal anyway because I did wear it to special occasions and got comfy with it. That’s what I mean with baby steps.
On the other hand I would have never gotten through 2017 with cutting down on sugar or whatever because I have a sweet tooth and a meal is not a complete meal without anything sugary to round it up. Well.. luckily that wasn’t one of my new years resolutions so I didn’t feel bad once for drinking lemonade or eating loads of chocolate and candy.
You just have to know how to look at things, huh? 🙂

So as I’ve seen that that method worked, I decided on some little goals to work me through the upcoming 360 days or so.

1. take a lot of pictures
2. always try to be positive and happy
3. always look on the brighter side of life
4. plan out more meals
5. watch every Zac Efron movie
6. stay true to yourself
7. but try out new things (last year I’ve eaten brussel sprouts for the first time, wasn’t too bad)
8. get more organized
9. pay closer attention to where my money is going
10. don’t be upset about the little things
11. talk about problems
12. don’t just dream about it
13. bake more yummy cakes and deserts
14. continue to make other people happy
15. less phone
16. more books
17. get out of the comfort zone (I’ve done well last year,too.)
18. spend quality time with loved ones more often (that, well that didn’t work out too well last year)
19. try out something new
20. wear more nail polish

See… there are goals that are pretty easy to achieve and then there are goals that are a bit more challenging but not that hard to achieve.
I’m actually curious on how well I’ll do this year with all these new years resolutions… But if I manage to stick to at least some of them, then that’s a good start already.

Also: 2018 is a fresh start and you continue to live so it’s kind of both. So don’t be too hard on yourself if you’ve not managed to start with one of your own resolutions right away. I personally only have one major goal for the year:

I want to live my life to the fullest whenever I can and continue to treat myself and the people around me with the greatest positivity and happiness I can treat them to.

Yes, that also means letting go of certain food ideas and agreeing to a plain dish of Mac’n Cheese, even though I am not the biggest fan of that.

For now, cheers!


what’s in my purse?

This question has been around for a while, I know but I’ve just cleaned out all my purses and realized: I am carrying around a lot of things. Super random things like a tiny, tiny glas of Nutella. A couple of hand sanitizers but surprisingly not as many chapsticks as I thought I would.

However, I thought it would be interesting to see what things I did carry with me to get to know me a little better. Because after all people say, that the content of ones purse says a lot about that persons’ character and their interests. I do think that’s the case here.






(Yes, this was also kind of a test post, sorry)